Speaker Stand Buyer’s Guide

This buyer’s guide is brought to you by a great Cape Cod Tree Service. A speaker stand is metal pole holding a speaker up top with a metal platform. It is built with a base which is usually metal; providing balance and support to the metal pole holding the speaker which is at the top. The base of the speaker is constructed with different shapes; it could be square shaped, triangular or a round metal base providing support to the metal pole and ensuring the speaker stand is firm and balanced on the floor.

Most preferred speaker stands are built to have certain qualities. The best types of speaker sounds are designed to be attractive and are functional, finally very durable. With these properties, the speaker stand looks very attractive in a living room at the same time it is functional such that it can be mobile on the ground and then durable. The main function of a home speaker stand is primarily to hold speakers firmly and they can fit into any
areas of the home depending on their size and shape. A speaker stand can be placed on a bookshelf, a desk or any flat surface in the home.

A speaker stand is designed to lift the speaker from the ground with the height of the metal pole. Most metal poles are adjustable; this enables the pole to be readjusted making it smaller or bigger. The speaker stands also ensures the speaker itself is away from the wall of the home this reduces the potential of distortion in the sound and creates better sounds experience. A very good audio experience can be gotten from a good quality speaker stand as it keeps the stated variables in check.

There are different types of speaker stands around to purchase. They are categorized into three:

  1. The ones having fixed height
  2. The stands having adjustable height
  3. The stands that are center channel.

It’s not easy to decide which home speaker stand model is the right choice for your speakers. Here are some features of each speaker stands to look out for.

The weight of the speaker stand

This is a necessary feature that ensures the stand can carry the weight of the speaker. A lightweight speaker stand cannot properly hold up a heavy speaker. Heavy speakers would require a speaker stands that are designed to hold heavy speaker ( 30lbs speaker will suit a 30-35 lbs speaker stand.

The Top Plate of the speaker stand

The Top plate of the speaker stand is designed to hold the speaker. It is a needed feature of the speaker stand, the top plate of the home speaker stand holding a much heavier speaker would clearly mean that the speaker would either not be sitting firmly on the top plate or the speaker has a higher tendency to fall off eventually over time.

Design of the speaker stand:

The design of the speaker stands is another key feature. A better design of the stand would add a beautiful touch to the home and ensure the speaker stands looks attractive rather than looking odd.

The size of the speaker stand:

This is also a key feature of the speaker stand, a smaller home speaker stand would not be recommended to hold a larger speaker and would not be recommended for a large home space; a larger speaker would be preferable.

The height of the speaker stand:

One of the most key features of the speaker stand is the height of the speaker. Although most of the recent home speaker stands are constructed with the adjustable feature, the height of the stand remains very key and necessary based on the choice of the user.